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Mission: To provide high-quality and reliable information on various topics to our readers, enlightening their knowledge and fostering intellectual growth.

Vision: Igniting a deeply enhanced understanding of the world through insightful and well-researched content.


Tanmoy Bose began its journey in 2008, with a commitment to providing exceptional content and a unique perspective on a wide range of topics. Founded by David Malone, an eminent writer with a keen interest in global affairs, Tanmoy Bose quickly gained recognition and established its position as a trusted source of information among its readers.

Founder – David Malone

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“Knowledge is power, and accurate knowledge is invaluable. With Tanmoy Bose, I strive to bring forth the truth and enlighten the minds of many.”

David Malone is an exceptional writer, researcher, and visionary who had a belief in the power of words to make substantial changes. His journalistic expertise, understanding of global issues, and passion for delivering the truth led him to establish Tanmoy Bose. With a diverse experience spanning over two decades, David Malone is widely respected for his noteworthy contributions to multiple platforms addressing various global issues.

Website Creation

Given the evolving digital landscape, it became apparent that a website was necessary to efficiently reach and serve our audience. The need to reclaim the trust of readers and guarantee authenticity further fueled the creation of the Tanmoy Bose website. By creating an easily accessible and user-friendly platform, we aimed to amplify the impact of our content and engage with a broader audience worldwide.

We envisioned a website that embraces innovation and leveragesthe power of technology to provide rich reading experiences. Through forums, interactive elements, and diverse multimedia, Tanmoy Bose won’t simply be another website but a unique digital platform designed to facilitate an atmosphere of transparent discourse and intellectual growth.


The objective of the Tanmoy Bose website is to be an authoritative, reliable, and unbiased source of information, enriching the knowledge base of our readers. We are devoted to delivering in-depth, thought-provoking, and well-researched content across domains such as current affairs, travel, arts, sciences, and many more. Our commitment to excellence drives us to explore diverse perspectives, challenging conventional thinking and inspiring our readers to broaden their horizons.

Target Audience

Our primary focus is to cater to individuals who possess an insatiable hunger for information and rely on intellectually stimulating content to foster personal growth. Students, academics, professionals, and seekers of knowledge from all walks of life are warmly welcomed to be part of our readership.

Unique Value

What sets Tanmoy Bose apart is a team dedicated to ensuring the utmost accuracy, credibility, and quality in our content. We have assembled a group of passionate editors and team members, each highly proficient in their respective fields. With a commitment to exhaustive fact-checking, in-depth research, and adherence to rigorous journalistic standards, we aim to serve content that stands the test of credibility and integrity.

Our unique value lies in our ability to effectively amalgamate the expertise of our team members, creating an online platform that propagates knowledge refined through deliberation and collaboration. Our strong editorial rigor allows us to provide content that enlightens, educates, and awakens readers to new possibilities.

As a team, we are fueled by the belief that raising intellectual consciousness can lead to positive societal changes, and through our content, we endeavor to inspire individuals to question, reevaluate, and embrace learning as a lifelong journey.

Join us at Tanmoy Bose as we embark on this incredible quest for wisdom, empowering individuals to become the architects of a better, enlightened world.

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