An effort first time of its kind being staged in Kolkata.Vesh Tantra- where timeless Raga’s pulsating rhythm and aesthetic fashion wear, came full circle. The unique feature of this evening lay within the combination of fashion and Ragas depicting the colour of the sky during different parts of the day.

Our lives revolved through out the day in various moods at various points of time. Likewise, nature, atmosphere and the Heaven above too changed, as the day grew older. This unique effort combined the colours of the sky epitomized by moods of the ragas which were typical of the various hours of the day. It was of common knowledge that we wore dresses of various colours to suit the times of the day- hence the unique bridge between fashion and music Vesh Tantra.

There was an old maxim-\r\nThe apparel oft proclaimed the man.

Each Raga might be typified by certain hues and tints- likewise colours in our dresses depicted the moods and emotions of the Ragas and brought out the different persona of those wearing the dresses.