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Buffalo Drums to the Tabla Taaltantra Presentation (powerpoint)

Music has never been just a living for me, it is the medium that has elevated me to a height where I see myself as a person with better understanding of myself and the world around me. The more I travel the more I am enlightened with various unique diversities existing in the world of music, the playing, the forms, the structures, etc. This makes me think that a lifetime may not be enough to master or understand this great art. The understanding of this great art, however, changes with experience & age.

Taaltantra in recent years has emerged as one of the foremost world music bands regularly enthralling audiences in the Mid-East, North America, Europe and India experimenting with timeless Jazz, Indian Classical Music, Folk Music and indigenous drumming. Taaltantra takes you to the world of sounds and makes you experience a unique synthesis. The name signifies “sadhana” or worship through rhythm.

Even though Taaltantra essentially is not dealing with just drumming , it has elements of various instrumentation coming full circle. The world of sound is the forte of the band which is worth experiencing.

Tanmoy Bose is one of India’s best known Tabla virtuouso of this generation. His long association with the two great icons Pdt Ravi Shankar and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has made him a global musical ambassador.

Besides these classical repertoires he has worked on numerous projects worldwide.

He has been a participating musician on two Grammy winning recordings ”Concert for George” and “Full Circle”.

He has been successfully composing music for National Award winning feature films and various other documentaries and ballets.


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