Swatantra Video Links to Tanmoy Bose's performances

Swataantra, as the word defined itself, is an independent and fresh  idiom in music that sets a platform for tabla maestro Tanmoy Bose’s  concept of “guitar“ and “percussion”  ensemble.

Guitars, in different forms, prevalent today, with the likes of the electric tenor guitar, to the slide  guitar, to the contra bass guitar  finds centre stage along with Tanmoy Bose himself on tabla, and other percussions.

This project stands out with the emphasis being laid on the cross talk between essentially the guitars themselves, on the conversations between the guitars and percussion. The project is  purely instrumental, and mutates to the world – fusion- jazz genre  by marrying phrases and dialogues of some of the most complex yet heart churning improvisational music forms like Hindustani, Carnatic classical and Jazz.

The project also gives out the scope of featuring national and international musicians from time to time.

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