Post a resounding global success and plaudits from music aficionados and critics alike for 'TaalTantra', musical genius par extraordinaire Pt. Tanmoy Bose has yet again integrated diversities existing in the world of music to give birth to his latest project, 'Rhythmania'. This new musical venture is all set to enthral the global audience and music lovers through further evolution of soundscape, addressing all age groups. Rhythmania will incorporate Indian classical music coupled with Western and Mediterranean, Jazz world folk and a new age fusion Electronic Dance Music (EDM) which will provide the perfect concoction that connects hearts globally. For creating the right acoustic sensation, Pt. Tanmoy Bose will be seen performing with new age sensation Shiladitya Bose, popularly known as DJ Mr. Bose along with renowned Indian flautist, music composer and singer Naveen Kumar. Joining them are the heirs to their rich oral tradition, the balladeers from the desert of Rajasthan, Manganiyars of Thar, represented by Rafik and Anwar Khan.

The journey of Rhythmania started on the auspicious 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda noted as National Youth Day, where Pt. Tanmoy Bose and the Rhythmania team, regaled the audience with their performance at the famous Anderson Club in the City of Joy, Kolkata and announced the much awaited musical extravaganza. Rhythmania, which will tour the world in due course of time is bound to immerse the audience in the unique synthesis of timeless Jazz, World Folk, Mediterranean, Indian Classical Music, Folk Music and the new age fusion Electronic Dance Music. Sharing his experience of creating an exceptional panorama of music with other greats on Rhythmania, Pt. Tanmoy Bose, said, 'For me music and life are inseparable. As I always say, Rhythm is my quest of truth and beauty which transcends other priorities in life. Rhythmania is a very special project for me as this musical journey will connect people across the world. Fusion of so many distinctive musical verticals on one stage is a grand celebration of life that is unique. I hope audience will be delighted seeing the team perform with such talented artists. Their association is indeed a great honour for me.'

Renowned DJ Shiladitya Bose made the ambience spirited and electric with his indomitable EDM. DJ Mr. Bose added, 'Rhythmania is a platform where Western music and Indian Classical music come together and help create a distinctive phenomenon. I am glad to collaborate with the legends to offer an evolving soundscape to the audience.' After delivering musical gems ace flautist, music composer and singer Naveen Kumar, said, 'I am really proud to be a part of Rhythmania and playing alongside Pt. Tanmoy Bose. The journey that this project offers is sure to open innovative and original musical atmosphere.' Both Rafik and Anwar Khan, representing the rustic Manganiyars of Thar, said, 'Our music resonates the sound of the desert and we believe in presenting the timeless oral traditions which we have inherited over generations. We feel privileged to collaborate with such talented people working on Rhythmania and Panditji. We hope to showcase our repertoire of songs across the world through this project.'