Tanmoy Bose is one of the foremost musicians in contemporary world music and an indispensable member in the global fraternity of percussion. Bose received his early tutelage from the legendary Pt Kanai Dutta. Bose became the Gandabandh Shagird {formally initiated disciple in Indian classical music} of the noted torchbearer of the Farukkabad gharana Pandit Shankar Ghosh. Even as early as being in college, he had the rare opportunity of being called upon by another musical legend, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan to perform with him. The association with this legendary maestro has been that of a family member for the last two decades performing with him so regularly. The ultimate milestone in Tanmoy Bose's life was achieved when the greatest ambassador of Indian Classical Music Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar invited him to play regularly with him around the world. He is currently a regular accompanying musician of Dr Lakshminarayana Subramaniam and Smt Kavita Krishnamurthy for their world music projects.
Bose has been instrumental to take his rhythmic ventures into a new level. Over the last few years, his brainchild, TAALTANTRA has emerged as one of the foremost world music bands regularly enthralling audiences in the Mid-East, North America, Europe and India experimenting with timeless Jazz, Indian Classical Music, Folk Music and indigenous drumming. The name signifies 'sadhana' or worship through rhythm. Even though Taaltantra essentially is not dealing with just drumming, it has elements of various instrumentation. The world of sound is the forte of the band which is worth experiencing. 
Another significant endeavour worth mentioning is RHYTHMANIA. Rhythmania incorporates Indian classical music coupled with Western and Mediterranean, Jazz world folk and a new age fusion Electronic Dance Music (EDM) which provides the perfect concoction that connects hearts globally.
Bose has been an ardent researcher and composer. His long tours around the world had given him opportunities to interact and play with musicians, composers, choreography and the like he put to very good use his rich experience acquired hereby and created DHWANI, BEYOND BORDERS, TAALYAAGNA, CHATURANG and MOKSH - based on the virtues of Indian Rhythmic nuances.
He has also been a very popular television presenter. He has couple of shows to his credits where he interacts with well-known Musicians, Film directors, Actors and Dancers. His Drumz Dreamz project & Hridmajhare are getting popular where it replays the concept of community drumming and indigenous music respectively.